What’s Your Hurry?
An Opinion About Advance Directives

Advance Directives have become a common topic for many organizations as we experience a push to have the “conversation” and plan for our end of life care. Over the past few years, a great deal of grant money has poured into the effort

Choose Your Team

Estate planning is a team effort.  Actually, there are two teams – the team that creates the plan and the team that implements the plan.  Usually, there is considerable overlap between the two.  I will begin with a description of the implementation team. The...

The Truth About Trusts

This must be the season. Maybe it’s because snowbirds return to Arizona. It seems many companies are advertising in newspapers or sending out mailers warning of the perils of probate. They warn that your survivors are likely to be required to pay huge fees, and that your assets will be eaten up by the cost and expense of probate. In order to avoid probate, you must have a trust, according to the advertisers. So, you are invited to a “seminar” where you may be fed both food and information (and maybe misinformation), and you will be pressured into having a trust done by their company.

Do You Have An Estate Plan for Your Facebook Account
and Other Digital Assests?

In response to many of their account holder’s families, Facebook announced it has a new feature that allows users to designate what Facebook calls a Legacy Contact for their Facebook accounts. What this means is you can now directly let Facebook know who will be in control of your account after you die.

The Perils of Being an Agent

What if you find yourself acting as someone’s agent under a financial power of attorney?  Or if you assume the responsibilities as a personal representative (executor) or as a successor trustee?  In all three of these roles, you have fiduciary duties prescribed by the...