End of Life Planning can, and should, be part of the total estate plan.  It is possible to make sure your wishes are known and will be carried out through carefully drafting instruictions into the estate plan.  These instructions can be part of your health care directives, Living Will, trust and other documents that are provided by a counseling-oriented estate planning attorney.

As discussed on Law Review Radio, Arizona Healthcare Power of Attorney Form:


Directions on how to fill out the form are located on the form.

Ronald Zack, a member of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, is an estate planning and elder law attorney who is very knowledgeable in dealing with end of life issues.  His over 20 years experience as  a Registered Nurse, nursing instructor and caregiver trainer provide him with unusual insight into the experiences that individuals and families face at this critical time.

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Ronald Zack will work with family members, care managers, hospitals, hospices, physicians and caregivers to advise and assist with end-of-life planning issues. Services include care coordination, insurance advocacy and assistance with all legal aspects of this stage of life.