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You can’t avoid death but you can avoid  taxes (sometimes and only some taxes).  Before you die, take control of your assets so your state doesn’t.  Ron Zack’s newest book, A Legal Guide to Growing Older: Planning for Disability, Dementia & Death, offers practical strategies that are often overlooked, such as how to plan to avoid probate, decrease tax liability, and how to choose a trustee.   This book will help you navigate through the myriad of estate planning options that are overwhelming to most people. Rise above the crowd and increase your estate planning IQ with this simple to read and even simpler to understand. Get your copy on AMAZON.com.


“If you expect this book to be a dry, boring law book, disabuse yourself of that notion right now. Ron Zack has written about disability, dementia, and death with the compassion, wisdom, and experience of a hospice nurse and attorney. Some of the examples he uses to illustrate a point may make you groan or some make you chuckle. All will make you think. Ron writes in the gentle way he talks as he reminds us that like it or not someday we will die. Thank you Ron for a book that guides me through the planning process”. -Bev

Tucson Court DomeAttorney Ronald Zack focuses on providing high-quality, counseling oriented, estate planning services to individuals and families, as well as a full array of services to older individuals and their families.  Ron takes a holistic approach to estate planning and will often require considerable time getting to know you, your situations and goals.  This is very different from the “cookie-cutter” approach, and he does not sell documents.  His approach utilizes counseling, issue identification and problem solving, as opposed to word processing.  Together, he will develop a plan and produce the required documentation for your particular situation, goals and desires.  This may be a revocable living trust, an irrevocable life insurance trust, a charitable remainder trust, limited liability company, partnership, will package, powers of attorney or other documents.  It may be large or small – the size of the estate does not necessarily determine your needs, though it will be a factor.

As mentioned on Law Review Radio and in my April article in Tucson Happenings, I offer a very simple Health Care Power of Attorney form.  This form is free.  My form does not include all the specifics the AZ State form includes.  But, it can effectively name an individual to serve as your agent.  It can also name a back-up to the agent in case the first person cannot serve.  The form must be signed and EITHER notarized or witnessed.  Simple instructions are included on the form (there are some restrictions on who can be a witness).


View the documentary “Passing On” to learn more about end of life issues.  This documentary was produced in Tucson, Arizona and originally broadcasted on Arizona Public Media.



You will find that this is a different kind of law practice.  His holistic approach to identifying issues and solving problems involves a variety of creative applications and we often partner with your financial advisors, insurance agents, and even caregivers and physicians to develop a comprehensive plan that will meet your needs and achieve your goals.

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